The Zephelium are upon Earth, to ascend with humanity.
Their origins lie within the Sasquatch,  which is Wombat, which is Green Dragon. 

To understand why some species are ascending upon Earth, and many are not, one is required to understand Earths origins, and the origins of the Nature Realms upon Earth.

Earths origins are in the Aldebaran system,  where  she was once a huge planet hundred times bigger than your sun.  A catastrophe happened whereby she broke up, and became many planets.
The planets eventually joined other star systems, and proceeded to continue some semblance of an evolutionary journey.

Although very big, she had very few species upon her, and some of these species are gathered upon Earth today, to ascend with humanity.
Some of the species stayed upon the original Earth fragment these are the original ascending species, with the spiritual ensoulment matrix entact.

The others that came later, through humans interference, but spiritual  intervention, will be sponsered  by the original species upon Earth.

The Zephelium are one of these species, that were on another fragment of Tara, now called Coccix in the Alrisha star system.

Theirs is a very unusual, and wonderful  story of their doggedness and persistance to evolve themselves.

400,000 years ago, on Coccix, they were thriving and evolving.
Another human species, from a planet called Albyreon, which is now a wasteland, due to nuclear poisoning, started to dump their nuclear waste upon Coccix.
Thinking it was a deserted planet.
They were incorrect.  The Albyreons had poisoned a perfectly pristine planet, and its inhabitants.

The Zephelium species, as Sasquatch, started to become sterile.  They were unable to re-produce.
This puzzled them, they could not find the source, nor could they rectify what they couldnt understand.
If they did not do something they would become extinct.

The Zephelium were a relatively spiritually conscious specie.  They knew consciousness lives on after death. They needed another form to hold consciousness that lives on after death.
Although not technologicol, this need caused them to become so.  To create a form to hold soul.
This, at first, was to be a temporary measure, until the cure was found.

There was pressure which caused them to be reckless and impatient.
Females who were fertile, even though this was voluntary,  were so badly  used and their forms were so challenged they died younger than expected.

Over a long period of time, three models were created.
The large 'grey' was the first this had problems, and still has problems today.
They are unconscious, and are virtual puppets.  They cannot exist without someone controlling them.
A group of 40 or so, left Coccix to get assistance, but was intercepted and seduced by the Annanuki on board Nibiru.
The large Grey, inadvertantly became worker slaves of the Annanuki., because of their extreme strength.  They would be used to tunnel and mine, for the Anu to find Uranium for Nibiru.

There were also problems with the next model, but this one was not sent out like the Grey.
It is still in residence upon Coccix.

The third model, is the small Zeta people recognize today.

They have been coming to Earth in batches, for a very long time.
The Zephelium know Earth is the key for their evolution.
There are small numbers of ancient Zephelium all around the globe, asleep.
Coming to Earth at various times to seek assistance, but humans have never been able to assist.  Mainly because each visit, they could see  humanity  would be up to their necks in harmful  behaviour not befitting Ascension and Evolution.

They would ascertain whether EarthHumans were conscious or not and when found to be not, they would shut themselves down.  Waiting for their brothers and sisters to wake them when the time was right.

The time is now right Earth has started her Ascension.