Wolv is howling in lamentation.
For Humanity.

Wolv has tried to intervene to guide and assist, but humans have lost the art or sacred methods and tools for communing with Nature.
Then humans started to assume or believe or 'intuit'   what Wolv or any other Nature Realm was trying to say.
Getting the messages so very wrong.

Wolv Laments

Wolv has seen humans being seduced to non-spiritual pursuits, seduced to give away their power, and their spiritual knowledge.
Wolv has seen how humans have become spiritually empoverished, until there is nothing left.

Wolv Laments

Wolv sees now,  that humans do not know they are spiritually impoverished, so they do not know how to correct this impoverishment.
It is humans that should be lamenting but they are too distracted by physical being.

Wolv Laments  .... but is hopeful for Change.

In your quietest moments, please call on Winged Wolv, who is waiting to assist your Spiritual Evolution through Ascension.