There is another world internal to Earth, called Inner Earth.
However it is not a physical world.

Earth has an internal sun, an aurora even that is not physical.
Around this internal sun, is hundreds of thousands of kilometres of molten larve comprising 2/3 of the area of Earths internal.
The crust makes up for approx 1/3.

It can be said, there is an astral around the outer crust, and an astral internal.  Even though the internal and external are both 4th dimensional,  the astral beings are vastly different in both areas.

When the red races were seeded on this planet they had very long lives.  In these long lives, spiritual knowledge could be taught.  Not enough to transcend or ascend them, but enough for the consciousness to know it was part of the Universe, and would live on even in death.
They were not afraid of death.
There was a plan to bring the teachings of the grandmasters to these races, so ascension could be faciliated.  In the meantime, the individual would die,and the Elementals would guide them through the internal corridors,  be kept close to Earth internal.
These astral ancestors would not interfere in the lives of the living under any circumstances.

It was the Annanuki, with their reptilian entourage, that changed the 'death planes', or created them really, by the vaste amount of fear and separation they caused.  The 4th dimension/astral plane became larger and started to dominate the physical.
In a short space of time, lives were shortened considerably and fear was driven in the hearts of man, and communing with the spiritual realms ceased.
All through the actions of both Anu and the reptilians.
This is called separation.
A separated consciousness cannot ascend, and neither was it accepted into the inner world of Earth.

Groups of grandmasters eventually came  from 2 planets in the Sirius sector.
Not much was achieved in their relocating, except to seed their genetics for a future time such as now.
However these spiritual masters, (that couldnt master the physical, owing to reptilian interference) upon death, would be guided to Inner Earth.

Not many were accepted into the Inner World only those who the Elementals could see were authentic and sincere.
A few persons each century.  Generally indigenous shamans and these are the ones who would have retreated from their tribe to be taught by the Nature Realms and Elementals.

On death the individual would start the journey to Inner Earth, through corridors going around the globe.  This corridor, has barriers and it is how the astral consciousness deals with these barriers, that allows them entry onto the next corridor.  Some journeys may take years.
None would know they were going somewhere or some may have had an inking, or didnt care.
It may have gotten too intolerable hanging around other unconscious astral beings.  As it is just as intolerable in the non-physical as it is in the physical.
All would have had assistance from 2 Elementals,  an unseen guiding force.

Today, Inner Earth cannot ascend, as they have no physical form.
Even though they have been learning all that you are learning this alone deems them ascension masters in knowledge only, as they cannot clear karma.
However there is a map for their evolution.

It is through the individual clearing karma, astral beings are integrated in this process.  Mainly surface astral for the time being.
The Inner Earth beings have a greater purpose for humans ascension.
They are the real Ancestors who will intervene, and assist humans ascension.

One may call on the Ancestors for assistance.
Or through a vision practise or a dream, you will have tangible evidence of their help and guidance, and where they are wanting your attention.