Thats where we are. This galaxy and our Solar System is on the outer rim of the Universe.
This does not appear to be the case, because the stars are all around us,  however 30% of all the stars in the sky are reflections of other stars.

The Universe started from the 'middle' –  and spread outwards, but the original middle has evolved many times to become other unseen Universes.
The middle or most ancient of this Universe, the stargroups and constellations,  cannot be seen from Earth, because she is on the outer rim.
The middle and radiating outwards is the Universal matrix or grid.  In the middle and 3/4s outwards this holds all 15 dimensions.  When a star attains a 15 dimensional being, it shifts its reality to another Universe, and becomes unseen to those in this Universe.
All planets that are visible as planets, are non-ascending planets, and will generally have a wobble to their etheric subtle body field (planetary matrix).
A planet that has a balanced field and is running true, is in a state of Ascension –starting  from deep/brown red to orange star ordination.
Commonly known in astronomy as a  'brown dwarf'.  'Dwarf' only in relation to a star/sun, which is generally larger than a planet

Everything travels in a circular motion in the Universe, and matter is trapped along the way to coagulate and become more.  The more time, coagulation and cohesion, a planet is born. Often matter is drawn to a planet or sent purposely to an emerging planet – all by the Elemental Realms.
Even before a planet becomes physical matter, there is much consultation in the spiritual realms as to its eventual journey.

Planets are in continual movement, of growth and re-birth, which is coined 'a planet in Evolution' , or  in stagnation and dogma, , 'a planet devolving', and this is  through interference and  karma.
All of  the suns in each constellation have a special relationship to each other.  Deep ancient relationships to their Origins, and why they make up a particular constellation or galaxy.
As too, the  planets around each sun, have very special relationships to each other – they are a family.
Each one has an integral role to play for their own evolution, the suns and the galaxies evolution.

Whatever happens to one, affects the others.
Oftentimes  it takes many tens of thousands of years to heal or correct something disastrous.
In Earths case, it  has taken a million years.
For humans many many millions.

The unseen Universal matrix is also a part of these ancient stellar relationships.  If there was such a thing as higher dimensional space travel – they would know about  these relationships to shift themselves around the Universe, because of the connecting matrix between them.
Jumping from one star to another within the relationship that each star has with the next.  One defines the predestination, then defines a kin stellar relation, simply because the matrix is in alignment with the kin.

This knowledge of intrinsic stellar relationships is a tool.  Within this knowledge is the bending of the matrix to apply 'warp' speed.  But higher dimensional beings do not need spacecraft to traverse the Universe, nor would they interfere or intervene  in another planets affairs.  This is tantamount to interference.
It is unconscious species  that traverses around the Universe, interfering.

The Birth of a Planet.
The beginning of a planet is akin to blowing up a paper bag, and it bursting.
One can see planets being formed in clouds and nebulas.  Etheric matter and space dust,  gathering and cohesing – until the timing is right for physical existance.  Taking 700,000 years or so.
 Or even if a planet is to have a physical existance.  Some planetary roles may exclude this.
Then the journey starts of the higher dimensional spiritual realms, to have a physical existance on the planet for their evolution.

This is dreaming and the manifesting, of many realms.
 The realms do not always come through correct or in alignment with the planets evolution.  If it is seen these realms cannot evolve, or cannot change, they are dealt with in various ways.  New species are brought forth, and these are observed.   When it is seen there is possiblity for ascension, The Tao becomes involved, to assist and further the ascending species.

Every planet is an experiment one could say.
And the success of every experiment,  is the planet and its species Ascension.

The Tao has now graced us with its presence, and we have started a magnificent journey of Ascension – I hope you will join us dear Reader.   Do not hover around the outer rim, jump in and share in the magic. 

 from the EarthMother