from the EarthMother

The strategy of the dark elite controllers on Earth, is about keeping humans in fear.
Not necessarily conscious fear, but unconscious fear that can easily be triggered.
All to make sure humans cannot Ascend, or to make sure humans do not acquire a certain consciousness, knowledge  and power that can affect the reptilian.

Once a human ascends to a certain level  ALL becomes known.
A level of intellect and knowledge, that is mentored  by the upper dimensional realms.,
This knowledge and guidance has a power, that only the Melchizedek reptilian is fully aware of.
And frightened of.

Such a level of spiritual mastery through counsel and governance from  the upper dimensional realms,   has never been experienced before upon Earth that is why the reptilians have controlled for so long.
And such a level, has never been experienced before on other worlds either keeping them in the same state as Earth.  Unconscious and deep unresolved fears, that cause the human to listen to others that appear more knowledgeable.
This level of being also opens the door for guardians and  light beings who also have great power, way beyond the reptilians.

Behind the wealthy elite are the unseen reptilians and behind the reptilians is Nibiru.
They  are consummate stragegists.

It is how they have ruled the Universe.
It is how they trick ensoulment realms to do their bidding from higher planes.
It is how they have another large reptilian force, the Sirian Hybrid, doing all their dirty work, and generating more of themselves, the Melchizedek Drakonian.
It is how they have appropriated and compromised Humans Ascension on other worlds and Earth.
And it is how they are going to deceive the public about Nibiru.

A Compromised Ascension
The Melchizedek reptilian has compromised Ascension for humanity by enacting The Fabian Policy.  A strategie used by a reptilian Roman a long time ago, to cut off the food links as a means to win a war.
This is what has happened for Ascension.
 Potential Ascending masters, who were KEY persons,  to awaken and further authentic Ascension have been interfered with by the unseen reps.  These persons are the ones who have written books and created webpages of essential rubbish. 
Channeling information that appears assistance, but behind each channeler will be a reptilian.  There is no, and will be no assistance from the Plieades, Arcturas, Sirius.  Most of the Plieades has ascended, and would not interfere in Earths Ascension, Sirius has not  and cannot ascend, so has no information for Earths ascension, and Arcturas has its own problems to deal with.
No conscious being is ever guided to intervene in the Ascension of another.

The inititate is required to use a pendulum to define if a website, book, article, forum, workshop, person has any ascension truth.   Many authors are grandmasters, who have been appropriated., which pendulum will affirm, if you ask it.

There will be a strategy for Nibiru by the reptilians.
Panic will be strategically used.
Causing persons to tune into 'teachers',  'masters' .  Charismatic, seductive persons, who think they know because 'their guidance' is telling them information.  Not realising their guidance who is 'god' 'Tao', 'light being'.
Is actually a reptilian whispering in their ear. 
The information that will be circulated from these persons will not be truth about Nibiru or its latent affect upon Earth.
The mis- information will cause  the listeners to become hypnotized and influenced into inactivity. 
Most media is reptilian owned and controlled.  So mis-information is going to have a LOT of air-play.

Keeping the truth of Nibiru secret, means humans will die instead of ascending.

It is through ones daily communing practise, that all will be known
That all will be safe and secure so humanity can keep on Ascending.

The reptilians do not want humanity to be safe and secure, or communing.