There are many Nature Realms which have multi-dimensional information as their truths.
Humanity has lost, or may not even had this information, which the Nature Realms will gladly share with humanity.
Conversely there are many Nature realms that do not have this information.  These realms are considered non-ascending, unable to ascend on planet Earth.

Many Nature Realms are not from Tara (pre-Earth) therefore not belonging to Earth.
Those that are not of Earth, and can transform their biology, and desire to ascend on Earth, can and will.  This means these species have transformational information in the Core Truths.

The non-ascending realms will be returned to their planets of origin.
It is not a sad thing for many of these realms as Earth has been very disresonant for them. Many species went extinct upon Earth a long time ago, because of this disresonance.

The Ascending Species, have the multi-dimensional information to ascend for themselves and for humanity.

What is 'multi-dimensional information' ?

It is information that has the ability to raise the consciousmind and has the ability to assist the biology with its changes.

Information is vibration, and oftentimes the biology can be stuck or unable to shift from something without these higher vibrations overlayed.  The higher vibrational information  triggers the body to create the required substances, that work in sync with other organs and so forth. 

The vibration of  many herbs and plants, can also equate to a certain chemical formulae  they have
within their core truths.

For the human to ascend, it takes a lot of new information to be assimilated.  Intellectually, spiritually and  physically.  Most of this information is previously unknown to humanity and therefore unfamiliar.  The information will be given in small segments, so the bigger picture can be built upon.

All Ascension Information is from the spiritual realms.  Whether it be a Nature Realm, an Elemental, or the Guardian Realms.
Humans do not have any Ascension information in their records.
The initiate is guided to acquire the tools for this information to come forth as it is only through the use of tools messages are received.

The ascending initiate will be contacted through the dream or their daily communing process, to be advised what they are missing in their ascension, or what is required for the initiate to facilitate a change in the correct direction.  This maybe a karma to clear, a herb to understand, or a Nature /Spiritual Realm ready to give some information.

The Nature Realms are a very necessary part of the ascending initiates journey, as it is the Nature Realms that hold the multi-dimensional  Map for Evolution.

Blessings of Love and Ascension