Rituals seem to give the human some kind of reassurance they are spiritual.

The true spiritual realms require no ritual or rite all they require is a communication practise, and this can be at the kitchen table on in bed.
No ceremony
No observance to some belief
and certainly no alter to keep a belief in place.

It is these things that the dark agendas play upon, to manipulate the human.

First let us talk of alters.
Especially those of spiritual initiates.
Crystals and icons these maybe inhabited by entities, that can manipulate.
Especially if the crystal or icon was pre-owned.

Unconscious dark entities are randomly searching for energy to feed from.
They are able to get to a human through something they supplicate or adore.
This can even be a piece of furniture that has an entity attachment.

Most church icons, furniture and alter accoutrement will have somesort of entity or reptilian attachments, even in the creating or making of such depending on where it is made.

Mantras and mantaring are seen as etheric  'screwdrivers'.
Screwing down implants and machines even tighter.
There are many implants to remove from pastlife mantaring.
Mantaring also prevents any other communing practise from occuring.
Grounding or a visualising practise.

Praying puts one in polarity., and one loses chi to whatever they are praying to.   It is tantamount to begging/imploring, or asking another being to give you or help you get through something.
Praying also reveals a lessor consciousness, one that does not know or understand the manifestation mechanism.  Not through prayer or praying but through Intention and through the Dream.
Humanity were given angels and 'god' by the reptilians just for this purpose of keeping one attached to a god or an angel to give away humans power.
As all the while a person is praying or supplicating to a religious icon, they are not communicating with the authentic spiritual realms moving one further and further from the spiritual path.

The rituals of prayer. Praying to who or what?  Everything spiritual on this planet has been appropriated by the reptilians.  Religions in particular.
Hail Marys to Lady Nada, prayers and praying to Sananda.
Jewish rituals to Yahweh. Every religion will have somesort of false god/ascended master in the ethers sucking up the chi from prayers and halleluyahs.
 Hari and Buddhist chants to the Budharas, negative entities that hang around Buddhist works and groups.  The chanting adding more screws to the implants.
Some implants caused by a constant mantra, are an involved mess .  Plates over plates, over shoulders and down the arms, pinioned again and again. 

There are many rituals done by indigenous and native peoples, that are not just irrelevant, but harmful.  Any act of harm is karmic and danger to the spiritual journey.
What may have been an integral ritual to achieve something, over the eons has become corrupted and meaningless.
Many rituals involving birds and animals, cause a problem for the future self who is desiring Ascension.  This constant dedication,  'appropriates' some of the nature species etheric gridwork, and records.  Through Ascension one is led to what is now corrupting the humans etheric gridwork.  To see and understand what  these obsessive  past rituals actually did, and return the energy to the Nature Specie concerned.

The reptilian agenda relies on rituals, to attach themselves.
Any group that gathers regularly is noticed just for this reason. 
Churches, clubs, particular venues that are used regularly for spiritual pursuits, will all have many reptilian nests around them.
Easy pickings once the eggs have matured./hatched.
There are nests everywhere, but the reptilians choose to have more nests in places where people frequent:  malls, government buildings,  hospitals, police stations, nursing homes, sporting venues, churches, clubs.

In Ascension there will be no regular group gathering in the physical.  Only an occasional get together here and there.
On the computer net is where ascending initiates 'gather'.
The computer net,   where we can share in safety and love whilst we learn to Ascend.

If you are reading this from the paper publication .. the computer is where up to date ascension information is acquired and where we can connect in very real ways. If you can avail yourself of  the occasional computer access, through libraries and Online Computer Centres,  this will help your Ascension.  These places generally  teach you the basics for free.  
You may have had no real reason to bother with a computer before may I suggest you have now.

A warm invitation to partake in Ascension sharing and community,  is offered on the Heart of the EarthMother forum site.
This forum site  is overseen by many guardians including Griffon, Meyu, Winged Wolv and Sasquatch, and of course our Beloved EarthMother,  for the safety and protection of its members.  The members of this forum,  are most honored and loved by all the spiritual realms assisting humanities ascension.  It will be as you participate, you will have tangible evidence of their love and support.

Ascension is all about Loving Support.

Aurora - GriffonSayer