Most  of our so-called 'ascended masters'  are astral consciousnesses that are able to intervene and interfere with physical humans.  They do not have any ascension information, because of what they once were.
The majority were humans interfered with by a reptilian, either as an interface, or an 'internal reptilian', the human then dying and the reptilian still having some degree of control and power upon the astral plane. 
In the reptilian world, when a reptilian dies, its consciousness deteriorates  and disintegrates, as it does not have a soul type matrix holding it together.  A human consciousness lives on in death, encased in part of a soul matrix. The reptilian desires to live on in death, and so will choose a human host to do this.
If the human has had a degree of fame or power in the physical life which would have been the  design of the reptilian interacing, as that is why they have human hosts, to have some power.   The reptilian will strive to keep up that level of fame and power upon the astral. 

Not all astral 'ascended master' or false god energy is from a reptilian or reptilian  interference, or from Earth.   Some of the interfering false gods, came from other planets and other realms.  Some are planetary consciousnesses, similar to Earth who have been disenfranchised, and now lost.

Humans have had long associations with most of these interfering beings.  Most have been calling themselves humans gods and masters for eons.   Because of these pastlife involvements they now attach themselves, or are 'able' to attach themselves through these pastlife associations.   It is important for the initiate to clear karma and old pastlife agreements with all these false gods, to remove them.  If this work is not done, these beings will interfere in anyway they can.  Causing a lot of dissonance for the ascending initiate and their family.


The revealed story started with young Quan Yin in a nunnery, given the job of milking the cows. A male helper brought out Quan Yin's desires for sexual pleasures, resulting in a shift of job for her; but she had little competence with anything she was given to do.

Dark influences and her liking for ouija board activities made her look for more exciting and important things in life. She made a mess of something to do with her life in the nunnery, and was banished.

Seeking a higher station, Quan Yin married a man of position, but proved unable to have a child. At this stage in her life, she became a student of Buddha for a while. Building on this, she lectured, wrote, and made a pretence of healing; but she had no ordinations to do this, and simply bulldozed through situations that she was unable to cope with - so that it looked as if things were done, but they weren't done properly. Her healing methods caused numerous deaths, but she refused to see this, and gained a reputation as a healer nonetheless.

A big karma (which was the reason for researching her story) was created by Quan Yin when the volcano near the nunnery started to erupt during a fair, and she, knowing of a secret room in the nunnery where all the people could be safe from the toxic fumes, decided to direct them there. She told the people to wait at a road junction, and she would take them on from there; but she twisted her ankle, and with the pain and fear for her own life, when she reached the junction she decided to carry on without them, and all those people - with children - died. The nuns in the nunnery she saved from the fumes by showing them the secret room.

Quan Yin felt guilty about leaving those people to die, and dedicated herself to working with children, to absolve some of the guilt; it seems that it was that, which led to the legends of her saintliness in later times.