Non-Ascending Works

Websites, Schools, Organisations, Forums, Books, Articles, Persons.

All purporting to teach Ascension, with not all the correct information.


There are a variety of reasons for this kind of ignorance.

Many of the people writing and teaching these works, are sincere spiritual ascension seekers.

 They are unable to do a specific bit of work on  themselves,  therefore unable to bring forth the correct Ascension information.


The main corruptive influence are reptilian implants.

All humanity has reptilian implants if one has not removed them, they will influence the ascension journey in some detrimental way.

Reptilian implants are not easy to define, as veils, keys and locks have been put over many implants.

Most humans have a spell a veil over their etheric being, to not veil the implant per se, but spelling the ability to focus/vision and remove.

Some implants have another intertwined to prevent removal.

Or one focusesses on the top/outer, and seeks no further.

The more experience one has, the deeper one looks at what they are removing keeping a focus upon the removal, the initiate will be attentioned to something more sinister underneath, or beside, or a cord leading to something else

Some of these implants have a lock, or another implant intertwined with it -  and some of this other stuff is connected to chakras and organs, to do more damage to the humans ability to detect and remove.

Some implants are enablers enabling a reptilian to interferre

some implants are beacons -  many of these will be activated as Nibiru comes closer, for the victim to do something or being something to hide Nibirus purpose.


The next corruptive influence is the reptilian themselves.

A large proportion of ascension websites and books are written by interfaced persons.

Persons that have been walked in or interfaced by an unseen reptilian.  These people generally have no idea they have been taken over by a rep .. but the rep is guiding and steering them in all things.

The reptilians agenda at the moment is set on SABOTAGE.

The reptilian agenda exists because of humanities ignorance.

Ascension deems Truth of All That Is.

Humans ascension will affect the reptilians long reign on this planet, so of course, deterring humanities ascension and all correct ascension knowledge is their main focus at this time.


Sabotaging ascension works   they are in print and online, spinning ascension truth.

Sabotaging ascending initiates, including children. Interfering and interfacing.


The next corruptive force are the ascended masters.

Who have ascended nowhere and mastered nothing in their physical life.


They have a corruptive hold over ascending initiates, mainly through karmic attachments.  Anyone channeling, will be channeling an ascended master purporting to be something else.    They never had any ascension information when they lived, and they still dont. However the very nature of an 'astral ascended master' consciousness, is one that wants to interfere.

Any works holding the names of these beings, shows pure Ascension ignorance.


One can use their pendulum to define the interferences of the lists of websites purporting to be 'spiritual ascension' but not having the correct information in their works.



          Ascended master interference

(one can have all three)


Sites that use 'spiritual ascension' incorrectly, as they do not hold the correct information.