NIBIRU DISCLOSURE Through the Lupus sector, as per this starmap
Love and Thank You to Xula, who persevered with the assistance of the Insect Realms, to pinpoint the actual spot in 2008.
Also to  Gail Elize, Lielah, and Ayanda who have been dilligently looking each night for more signs and information,  that came through messages.
WARNING:  This family  had interference from the Reptilian Agenda. 
Anyone else that wants to view, please note that you WILL attract reptilian interference., so please make yourself safe, with all knowledge of how they interfere, and how to dispense with them.
The reptilians will stand between the telescope and the sky, not blocking the stars, but blocking the minute detail of Nibirus presence (it is very faint).
Then once this reptilian was dispensed with, another quickly created a nest, in between telescope and sky
Again, preventing the faint detail from being seen.
Then chemtrail spraying ad nauseum, over and over in their area.
You maynot be aware of the reptilians,  but unfortunately, they have made it their strategy and business to be aware of every ascending initiate, and everyone that has an interest in Nibiru.
Australia -  9 August 2009
The area is the Lupus sector.
Nibiru appeared tonight as orangey red, we think because of chemtrail activity in the area of viewing, as messages from the Elementals  have inferred 'hazy or misty red'.
Nibiru comes through straight, but because we circumvaliate the Sun,  tonight this was seen as two areas side by side.

Some reactions to this information may reveal some interference.
 * No interest whatsoever - of Nibiru or reptilians  = implants  (that prevent disclosure and knowledge of reptilians)
aka, you are being manipulated by implants to NOT be interested.
* A desire to refute the information here = a reptilian is in your field
* Fear =  implants and possible reptilian interference.
Next Issue:  There will be a Nibiru Report and two areas to view, as Nibiru has an 8 craft vanguard.
(as per crop circles, that will be included)