* Top right is Nibiru, and its curved trail of moons and debris (and is how Nibiru is portrayed in other circles)
* The curved line in front of Nibiru, is a 'curse' symbol.
Now this is also saying that EarthHumans have been cursed by Nibiru.  So in deeper introspection, one can reveal these curses by Nibiru, and resolve.
* The first sphere is depicting how Nibiru uses suns to enter and exit galaxies
* The small square are depicting nuclear/radio active.  Crop circles with squares or boxes also.
Nibirus energy source is nuclear power.  And the reason it interferes with planets, to collect as much uranium as possible.  It is also how other worlds and planets have become poisoned, through excess use.
Nibiru also ejects its waste as it travels around the Universe
* The 2 small circles are depicting the 2 methods of retreiving by Nibiru.  a) if the planet is untechnologicol, yet able to mine Uranium, Nibiru sends its smaller craft to the planet to collect.
b) If the planet has an element of space travel or technologicol expertise,  it will rendevous with Nibiru.
* The last little picture is showing the outcome of science prevailing and separation.  Nuclear energy shatters the etheric - the other dimensions.  The planet will then become technologicol, and science oriented.  May even construct spaceships to have inconsequential and irrelevant journies through space.