As Earth ascends, she ascends into a twelve chakra system.
So too, for humans.

The new five chakras are where great shifts in consciousness happen .. CAN happen.
Chakras designate incoming matter to areas where biologicol changes occur through consciousness shifts.  The body secretes certain substances through new awarenesses.
Acquiring the next five, is about consciousness and awareness, and as these change so too the first seven chakras.

Earth as Tara, the original Earth once had a 12 chakra system a million years ago, but as Tara  fragmented and separated, all fell in conscousness from the harm.  When the fragment known as Earth resurfaced her in this solar system, she resurfaced in survival  and regeneration mode, and never re-gained her original status as an ascending planet.
This is now being rectified in her and humans Ascension.
The chakra system is changing from survival, fear to Ascension.

The chakras correlate to the varying dimensional realms one could say each chakra is the informational portal for the correlating dimensional realm.
It is the thoughts that occupy the mind that bring forth the new 5 chakras and change the entire chakra system.
For the ascending initiate, keeping the mind and thoughts upon Ascension, will assist a faster acquisition of the 12 chakra system.

It is also the subject matter of thoughts that can  impede chakra and ascension growth.  There are  types of thinking that slows down the etheric Subtle Body field.
Dogma going over the same old ground
Researching this also means academic research.
Harking back to the past, recrimination, guilts,  mourning, yearning, nostalgia all will affect the spin of the Subtle Body field, and sabotages Ascension growth.

One can say here then how are we to learn, if we cannot 'research'.?
One learns ascension by reading and then asking the questions, and allowing the spiritual realms to answer.  No one needs to 'research'.  There is nothing in old works that are ascension.  There is nothing in the science world or academia that has any ascension knowledge.
All up to date information on Ascension and for ones Ascension,  is brought forth through  daily Communing and Visioning Practises.

If a planetary consciousness or specie attentions anything lessor than spiritual evolution and ascension, the chakra dynamic and the DNA  will be such.

Chakras 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 are about spiritual, higher consciousness and multi-dimensional Being, which is equated as  thoughtform and awarenesses.
As the thoughtform and Being changes, so too  the awarenesses and the integrity in the first 7 chakras.

At the centre of each chakra is a smaller chakra called a  'will centre' .  Stating  the Divine Will Centre being, gives clarity to the new Chakra system.
The Will Centres and Chakra system are maintained by the Elementals.
To have full integrity in all chakras, one must clear karma, curses and implants

1st Will Centre  - The Will to be Grounded and Communicate with the EarthMother
Chakra #1  -  GROUNDING  -  the feet area
This chakra is  the grounding and mandatory recasting process.
All protection, boundaries and the Ascension Safety Network,  are associated with the integrity of this chakra.

2nd Will Centre The Will to Forge Forwards
Chakra #2 -   FORTITUDE - the knee area
This chakra relies on a Daily Communing practise to have the information on how  to forge forwards, and in what areas.

3rd Will Centre -  The Will to take Responsibility
Chakra #3 RE-DEFINING -  Base of spine
This chakra is multi-dimensional Awareness,  assisting the upper dimensional realms, to assist the self in taking responsibility.

4th Will Centre The Will to Self Govern
Chakra #4 -  MULTI CREATIONAL GOVERNANCE -  Pelvis area.
This chakra assists the initiate in giving birth to the new consciousness concepts and ideas.

5th Will Centre The Will to Master the 3rd Dimension
Chakra #5 LITERAL INTERPRETATION -   Diaphragm area
This chakra assists the form to create the crystalline biology

6th Will Centre -  The Will to Master Ascension
Chakra #6   SURRENDER - Heart area
This chakra assists the initiate in doing 'whatever it takes' to Ascend.

7th Will Centre -  The Will to Multi-Creational Purpose
Chakra #7 COMPETENCE  -  Neck
This chakra assists the initiate in the understanding and the creation of tools. 

8th Will Centre The Will to See/Vision
Chakra # 8 VISION - Forehead
This chakra assists through a variety of vision techniques.  Each one requiring a framework for the vision to manifest.  Each vision assisting or correlating to another message.

9th Will Centre The Will to have Spiritual Knowledge
Chakra #9 -  ATTENTION   Pineal area
Attentioning the correct areas for Spiritual Knowledge to be given.

10th Will Centre -  The Will to be Fully Conscious
Chakra #10 ALTERNATION  -  Crown
This chakra assists in the understanding of Physical and Non-Physical group weaving.  How the higher dimensional realms step down attentioning Ascending initiates in a group,  at all times.  That each in the group may bring forth information for the other.  Thereby propelling each initiate in the group.

11th Will Centre -  The Will to Manifest
Chakra #11 DREAM  - Above crown Governs Dream -  Dreamtime Planes.
This chakra is a bridge for all other chakras as the Intent and the Dream assist all other manifestation.

12th Will Centre The Will to Attune to the Non-physical
Chakra #12 -  ELEMENTAL ACCORD -   Telepathic Chakra above the 11th chakra
This chakra assists the intimate relations with the non-physical to allow Ascension to come forth

There is a priority  to first heal the  Grounding Chakra for the initiate to have protection and boundaries.  There is no integral grounding without this work being initiated.
Please pendule your own Grounding Integrity as this is the root cause of having no protection from the EarthMother.

All chakra attainments correlate to the Ascension Initiations and Ordinations, and these are imbedded in the Dual Tones, Tri Tones, and Quadtones in the Language of Light.