Up til a month ago, I would not be able to write an article such as this.  Simply because before a month ago, one could not remove or clear a karma from another.  THIS HAS CHANGED.
We are learning to clear karma at SOUL LEVEL, instead of 'human existance' level.
Clearing from the Dragon Soul level of clearing, gives a MUCH BROADER PLATFORM,      gives one the ability to remove or clear a karma from another.  (making the soul self either the original perpetrator or victim ).
This ability is because we are now the mix of all four dragon souls that brought forth humans.

See 'Disclosure of the Soul Realms from The Tao'

Up til recently  the initiate had to try and show another how to remove a karma or a  reptilian interference, this was nigh on impossible.
Now we have the Beloved Guardian of White Spider, called Meyu.  Who will be instantly with you in your Massage Session,  to remove any reptilian interference from another.
The Elementals and Meyu will be giving you the visions to assist you to heal the other.
There is not one person who is devoid of any 'reptilian interference' even yourself, you must check and start the work on yourself first.


The body reveals everything through a 'kinesthetic' type programme.
Emotional and physical dysfunction, whether it be an organ, endocrine, blood, bone or a mental disorder.

There will be a bodypart relaying to another bodypart a cry for help.

The massage practitioner is able to detect muscular dysfunction, often this is from an organ or mental dysfunction.  Seizing, or bunched up muscles, is the body  informing a dysfunction from somewhere else.  Pranic Healing work, even though it is not through massage, is about this detection work.  However one cannot just 'comb' or 'flick' away the disresonant matter, as per their teachings  as most is karma and requires 'consciousness' understanding of the Cause.

Any spiritual diagnostic work, one can programme in.  The massage practioner can be grounded and centred, to allow visons of the dysfunction to come forth.

With every kinesthetic body dysfunction or signal, there will be one of the following to be revealed


If the practioner learns a few simple visionary techniques information can be given as they massage.  The Elementals are the ones giving this information, both from the practioner and from the client.  The clients Elementals were once known as 'bodyspirits' or 'angels' they are Elementals.
If there is reptilian interference, then Meyu will be in attendance also.

Once the practioner can see this working for themselves, they can then 'programme' in some types of quick visions to correlate to the dysfunction or to the healing work.

The more visionary one becomes, the sessions will be more diagnostic or consultative through massage.
The more visionary, and the more practical work is done by the self, in removing karma, implants and reptilian interference from others, one is a Healer.
And has started their Ascension.
As this is the way we Ascend by clearing karma, curses, hexes, spells, implants and lifting the veils on the reptilian agenda, through vision and healing.


Karma is seen by a 'dark mass'.  After the session, you will have to start the work to reveal the karma.  As it takes understanding the cause, to remove.

Curse  - Hex or Spell when revealed, the client will have to vision the removal.
Curse a dark matrix
Hex a barbed arrow
Spell a wispy filmy matrix
Implants all different.  Some are simple, and removal is simply with the mind, and some are very complex which requires a strict observance to 'see' the complexity.

Seeing an implant opens up a whole new area (for anyone).
They are all different some are very complex and require observing as 'the hand' removes it there are clamps, pins, wires to other bodyparts.
There are 'keeper implants' holding other implants in place
THERE IS ALSO  A 'KEEPER' SPELL that needs revealing first, once this is removed, then the others are readily seen.
One learns to remove their own, for the true experience to be revealed.

There is a variety of  machines and equipment these days, to diagnose and reveal certain dysfunctions in humans (etheric and physical)   However the Elementals are standing by to work with us through vision to get better understanding of the non-physical and for a more profound healing action which will not be through a machine.

It is through this close communication with the Elementals that every question is answered and the consciousness raised much more, than if working with a diagnostic machine.

Why not make your massage session more integrally revealing and healing.
Start to practise vision using the Vision Techniques as per the Nature Realms.
Vision is all practise.  The more you practise the quicker you vision, the more you vision, supercedes every tool  in the spiritual realm.  The wisdom that flows through vision is unestimable.

Next Issue:
A handful of ascending inititiates have been using a successful tool to assist clearing karma.  This tool with associated charts  is being updated and modified with the new information on the DragonSouls  and will be in the next issue.
With full instruction on how to use.

In the meantime, why not kickstart the new method, Massaging with Meyu and the Elementals. 

The Elementals will be supplying the vision, and Meyu will assist in the removal of some of the difficult to understand work.
Vision is all about practise it doesnt come any other way.