This is new work presented to the sincere Ascension seeker, to faciliate Communion with the Spiritual Realms assisting humanities Ascension.
It is intricate
It is exacting.
It will also be very frustrating for a little while until the initiate has a level of pendulum integrity, which the constant use of this communing system will help attain.

This is the first time on this planet, that a system such as this has been devised to get the EXACT words to have the EXACT message.
It is only as one has these precise messages that ascension can move forwards.
It is very exciting to receive these messages.   
If they are interpreted correctly and acted upon, the personal ascension is propelled exponentially.

Messages for ones Ascension are in small increments, very precise.  Most often there is either inner or external work to be done.  ALL messages will raise the consciousness and most messages will be unknown information.

It is often difficult to get the 'final analysis'  correct.  Or interprete correctly, because the initiate is receiving information that was previously not known and now needs to be known  (that is why you are getting the messages).

It has been an  inability to commune correctly that has been the biggest problem to  humans Ascension.
Non-ascending taroting practises (not using a pendulum for further inquiry)
Non-ascending tarot decks (most tarot decks are non-ascension).
Those who have Nature and EarthMother tarot decks have been unable to pursue the exact message being inferred. 
Messages have been assumed,  and many more inferred and tacit, than exact or correct.
Channeling is dangerous, and has been outlawed by EarthMother and guardian realms for a long time.  This is NOT the way to receive messages from the integral realms,  as they will not channel.

All  inconsequenal communing work will come down to the initiates inability to INTERPRETE correctly, and faulty pendulum integrity.
Where the pendulum has its most integrity, is penduluming charts, lists and diagrams.  This is what the guardian realms have seen, and now use in conjunction with the Communing Systems Charts.

How to Use the Communing Systems Charts.  (pdf charts from Issue 1)
A Rogets Thesaurus and a Pendulum

The Rogets Thesaurus - index at the back, and sections in the front, appears to be the only one that really works
for this word or phrase research.

A dictionary will not give the same results.  You are not finding the meaning to a word, but allowing the pendulum to find a variety of exact words to make up the exact message.

First pendule the Communing Systems Charts for a number of words.
These words will generally not be the message, but are key words to start the search in the Thesaurus.

With each word, ask Exact? or Correct? .
Exact is the exact message word
Correct means you are to search the Thesaurus.

Go to the index and find the word by penduling the variety of words being shown.
 then pendule the section that has been indicated.
Move your rocking pendulum down the section in the Thesaurus, until a paragraph or sentence is indicated.

When you are sure this is the correct sentence/place, then move your rocking pendulum over the words in the sentence.
When a word is found, note it and pendule the entire sentence again.
If the same word is found, THEN ask  Exact? or Correct?

If  Exact.
Then this is the exact word for the message
Note the word
Then start on your next word from the Communing Systems Charts.

If pendulum says Correct
Note the word,  then take the word back to the index, and start the search again using this word.
Noting the word is necessary.
It MAY become part of the message, some are, and some are not.
You may have to come back to that word, if your search becomes inconsequential, or confusing.  Going to places that have dead ends, or pendulum says 'no wrong place'.

Often you will be penduling a futile section. Or often a section your guides have sent you thinking the correct word is there, but it isnt.
Then ask  'shall I go back to the index?' .. and your pendulum will say 'yes'.

Sometimes you will be sent to the index to find the word is not there.  If so, then pendule all the similar words it maybe that this is what you were supposed to do.

One word taken to the Thesaurus may reveal many correct words  until the exact word is found.  Some of the correct words maybe absolutely irrelevant, just leading you to the exact word.
OR some of the correct words become exact in the final analysis
one word leading to others, keeping the search in motion, all from the original word.  This is where this process becomes nothing short of brilliant.

Final Analysis
Now you have a list of words.
The next step is stringing the words together in a precise order, to make the exact message.

Some words placed incorrectly in the Final Analysis, may mean the opposite of the real message.
Or something incorrectly assumed, can lead the initiate in the totally wrong direction. 
Some messages misunderstood may effect your Ascension.
It is important to check and re check all your efforts.  Then do another check.
As you can appreciate, there are thousands of words to now choose from just to REVEAL THE EXACT MESSAGE.
 If a message is a puzzle, or incomprehensible, you have not found the exact words, or have not done the final analysis correctly.
One can ask for more words, or to pursue a word again... or all the words again.
It is not unusual to be taken back to words  to do a more exacting investigation halfway of at the finish of a Final Analysis.

First pendule all the words, to see which ones are exact.
Place the exact words in a line  (separating them from the not-exact words).
It is here you may have to research the Thesaurus once again, what was 'exact' may have changed.  Keep checking.
Then inquire how many lines it is going to take, to make sense of these words.

Even if there are only a small number of words,  separating into small phrases of two or three words, helps with the understanding.

You are now going to pendulum and place each word in the exact place, your pendulum deems.

 First word of  line 1.
Pendule the list and place the word in number one place.
Second word of line 1.
Pendule the list and place the second word in its place
and so forth until pendulum is unresponsive.
This means you are to start on Line 2  (if there is a Line 2).

It is here you may have to research the Thesaurus once again

You may have 2, 3, 4 lines or more with a few words in each line.
Use your pendulum as you organise the words to make sense.

The final work will possibly be much different phraseology than the line-work you have done.  The line-work was to pin-point the words so you have the correct idea of what is being given to you.
Especially in being given brand new concepts and information that we do not know about.  The pendulum must be used to place these words for us.
The final work, although having the same words, will be differently organised that in the line-work.
When your pendulum has said you have understood you can now go an re-phrase in the correct English vernacular or how it makes sense to you.

Keep these messages in a journal.  They all have relevance.
Some are small increments building up, to reveal your Ascension Service work, to bring forth works to further Ascension and assist others.

The messages are in six main areas.
These six are very broad, as there are many branches and strands leading from these areas.
Many also require the initiate to have a few visionary techniques to substantiate or authenticate messages.

* Clearing Healing work  (karmas, implants, spells, machinary)
* Service Work
* Higher consciousness information  (Language of Light,  crop circle, vision prac.)
* Interference Protection
* Creative  Works to further Ascension
* Personal life in various areas that require a message to be given