Food  drink -  toiletries perfume cleaning agents -  clothing  - furnishings.
Plants, animals, birds and insects.
Either the plant itself, or the processing of, will enforce a harmful geometry.
It is extremely difficult for the ascending initiate to NOT be surrounded by electrical geometry.

Many Nature realms, including plants that supply our food, are from Andromeda.
The DNA from Andromeda is electrical, and this geometry is triangular and  pyramidal.

On Earth all pointed geometry  is considered harmful.
Ascension cannot happen with any disresonant energy.  Both Electrical and nuclear are harmful.

Most allergies are because of a disresonant geometry
Sneezing is a sign of an influx of disresonant geometry, that the body does not want.

Plant information is necessary for ascension growth.
If the information is the wrong type, then ascension cannot take hold.
Then applying more electrical geometry on the skin, is tantamount to crippling the skins ability to  convert to the  crystalline biology.

There are a variety of Nature Species from Andromeda, that have large implants/or etheric machinary around them  creating portals for the reptilians to work through.  Horse, big cats, parrots are known to have this machinary. 

Whilst the computer has been the main tool of circulating Ascension knowledge and bringing people together, that tool, also must be let go in the future.  One will have to rely on ones Daily Communing practise for ALL information.
 Electrical will no longer be available  after 2012.

There is also a practise of enclosing water in blue glass or blue paper, to 'energise'.  This is an incorrect practise, the water becomes electrified with the blue light.  Our Sun is orange yellow (no blue) The suns rays will energise water.

The times of cleansing will be the enforced means to assist individuals to relinquish the need and desire for electricity, and any non-Earth or disresonant DNA plant. (food and flower).
Free energy devices will be made available before the cleansing times.
These coming times are also  to release the human from the 'corporate/commerciaL' hold the reptilian agenda has upon all aspects of physical existance.

Information supplied by the Elementals and to all initiates who have a Communing Practise.