All dreams are intervened by the spiritual realms assisting humanities ascension giving the initiate the message which the mental mind will interprete  using ones daily reality situations and people we know... who are generally unrelated to the message being given.
 All dreams will be relevant to ones Ascension
 Keeping a Dream Journal is very necessary
 All dreams must be interpreted correctly.  They are mostly symbolic or cryptic,  not literal.
 Once the initiate has a tool to interprete,  they will start to dream, or dream more.
 If the initiate is using the Communing Charts system, then dreams will correlate to the messages being received, and vice versa.  An interacting weaving takes place with messages, dreams and visions.

The Spiritual Realms of EarthMother, Nature Realms, Guardian Realms of  Griffon, Meyu/Spider, Winged Wolv, Sasquatch, Ancestors, Elementals and The Tao will all intervene in the dream, as they do with the Communing Charts system.
It is required the initiate be cognizant of the Source of ones Dream.  Raising or shifting  the consciousness brings forth new  Awarenesses, which leaves the initiate no doubt of who or what they are communing with. 
Having no doubt brings forth Surrender.  This implies one is moving more rapidly through the Initiations.
 In a very short time, the initiate now having multi-dimensional Awareness,  is having tangible assistance from each of the assisting realms.  There are special tasks from each of these  realms that will be brought to the initiates attention this also brings forth the new gifts and skills using the new  11th and 12th chakras.

Using vision techniques and lucid dreaming, in conjunction with the Dream, and the Communing Charts systems, will propel the initiate exponentially.  In this action the new Awarenesses and gifts will be shown to the initiate to use for ones Ascension.

One can be receiving messages from the Communing Systems charts, but it is ones visionary expertise or remembered dreams that will give messages more understanding.
This is also for higher consciousness concepts of Cosmology, Dimensionality and other Universal concepts.  We learn much quicker and understand more deeply with a vision, than with words.
One will also be required to vision some of the messages received.
Especially to remove implants these must be seen to be removed.  Many karmas the same.
So it is required that one become very visionary, even imaginary  ... to be practised whenever possible.

Keeping a Dream Journal beside your bed

Even jotting down one or two remembered words, is enough to reveal a message.
Many times, a message will reveal a past uninterpreted dream. 
The initiate will be required to pendule back through their journal, to find the dream . One will be able to fit it to the latest message, and fulfil whatever is required the whole message is now understood.

Interpreting the Dream

Using the Daily Direction Tool, and/or  the  Communing Systems Charts and a Pendulum.
These tools can interprete a dream, by getting key words.  These key words make you look at the dream in an entirely different way.
The words found in the interpreting method (Thesaurus) this can be a couple of sentences, to fully interprete the dream -  or just a few key words to place into the dream circumstance.
Then one re-looks at the dream, to see the correlations in however cryptic or symbolic it originally was.

There will be a  visual key in a dream, that cannot be imparted in a message.
But it maybe cryptic or symbolic.
Using the Communing Systems Charts, and using a pendulum can take you half the way there. The viewing of the dream, and marrying it with the message from the Thesaurus,  will depend upon a creative mind. 
A mind that is used to 'working outside the square' if you will, as dreams are very rarely literal portrayals of anything.

Oftentimes it is easier if one can define the 'purpose' or the subject matter of the dream.  Then it is often easier to see the symbology, and then work out  the dream circumstance.
This is where the Daily Direction Tool can help.
Defining the area or subject, assists with the understanding.

When a Dream direction, is revealed in the Daily Direction Tool

If your pendulum takes you to  the 'Dream' segment, this  may mean penduling back through your dream journal, to find a specific old dream, to now work with.  This is quite common, as many dreams are just the precurser for a later understanding and undertaking.