Crop Circles Defined - Grounding and Mandatory Recasting

The two crop circles depict Grounding, and what can be facilitated through correct grounding.


A major tool for the ascending initiate for the ultimate 'protection' field.



One visualises their grounding cord going from under the feet (facililtated by many chakras), going straight to the centre of Earth (the Aurora and consciousness of the EarthMother), and her awareness comes back to encompass the individual.

Earths awareness, are light particles and a field approx 2 metres in diameter, that we are in the middle of.

As depicted by the first crop circle, a continous swirling spiral of light particles.


At the 7000 strand initiation, the chakras under the feet keep the ascending  initiate  in the continual  grounded state.. This intiatory level will have all dysfunctions that cause one to be unable to ground revealed.  These will be karmas, spells, curses, implants and etheric machinary.


This crop circle is a chi-code, called  'UNLIMITED EXPANSION' - and is Earths Awareness, emanating from her Aurora - aka her grounding cord.







This next crop circle, is the power within the grounding cord.



The crop circle is showing 4 things

* The returned awareness of the EarthMother, the grounding cord or space.

(the three small spheres in a triangle at the bottom is 'consciousness')  EarthMothers conscious awareness of the human.


* The dark band around the core, is a dark agenda (encompassing the human). From another plane of reality.


* The light and dark spheres encompassing the human are the light and dark areas of existance for non-physical beings on this planet.

All in the same space - (as all planes and dimensions are)


* The grounding cord, has the ablity to push a dark being back into its own reality, preventing interference.

It is mandatory - this is what Earth's awareness does.



It is up to each ascending initiate to reveal for themselves the various dysfunctions preventing one from being grounded and do the required inner work


          What prevents one from being grounded

          What prevents one from staying grounded

          What causes a dark entity to return  (as many of them can, and will)


This knowledge is the key, to keep all the dark energies/entities from interfering.

So one can do the inner work to prevent any dark entity from anymore interference


Often an ascending initiate is not shown their World Service work simply because they have not done the inner work to have full  grounding integrity.


Questions to reveal the unseen and unknown, is through the use of a pendulum.