Many individuals are paying attention to non-ascending words and non-ascending work in the false beliefs they are Ascension.

Being given false messages that there is nothing to do.
Firing passions and beliefs that one is ascending, as that is the design of some of these works.
Forking out money for work that will take them nowhere, or healing that doesnt heal, or information they cannot use.  Causing the potential to fork out more money to acquire the 'ordinations' or the 'higher levels' of  understanding or being,  that will still lead them nowhere.
False beliefs and hopes of what they are doing is Ascension work.  Or who they are listening to are authentically Ascending.

All these non-ascending works and non-ascending people pushing their false ascension work,  have delayed humans ascension, and causing a grave schism in the Ascension Movement.  Many of these people are the key persons to bring forth, or to further Ascension.
Not to mention the false beliefs that are now deeply ingrained in some people.
Some cannot be shifted from these false ascension beliefs.

Key persons have still to be awakened to authentic Ascension, and do the authentic work to Ascend.
Free energy devices to be led to.
More works and tools to further Ascension.
World and Universal Service tasks to be attended to.
Many areas and humans upon Earth,  still to be awakened to Ascension.
Ascending children to be protected.

Where are you Beloved?

Unfortunately these key persons are just as unprotected as the youngsters and that is why they are unable to step into authentic Ascension.


The Ascending Initiate is to pay full attention to their surroundings, Nature, and any symbology that MAY possibly hold a message.  Kineseology, Dreams and Visions, and a Daily Communing Practise.
Every Ascending Initiate is important in the eyes of the spiritual realms and they strive to impart messages in any which way they can.

Dreams, messages and visions  to interprete and act upon.
Small increments so as not to overwhelm.
All building upon themselves, in the various areas or subjects the ascending initiate is required to know.
Sleep/dream time becomes very precious to the ascending initiate.  It is here many messages are given,  that often will make sense of some of the messages from the chartwork  Even though the dream is symbolic, it still can portray something that words cannot.

Ascension Truth is to be shared freely with all others desiring Ascension.
There has been ways and means for initiates to share their gifts and tools without payment.  Generally these inititiates are being supported in other areas, without the necessity to take money from those in need of authentic Ascension words and work.

This is the design of
A forum site to help the initiate to move ones attention from passive to Active.

It is this place we, the Nature Realms, the EarthMother, The Tao and Guardians will make our presence felt in your life and your Communing process.
To make every facet of where you place your attention work for you, to Ascend.

A Promise of  Service,  We Strive with every fibre of our Being to fulfil. For you.

through Aurora.