This circle is called  'BREAKING FREE OF THE ANNANUKI'.

First we become free when we know truth.
The Annanuki were the greek gods, from Nibiru,  and the greek gods created mayhem - karma.
Humanity is now the future ancestors of these people, whether we are indigenous, white, black, brindle.
The pattern around the outside is called a 'greek key'.
The KEYS are in the same area as the pattern - the open windows and the 12 small marks.
The 12 small marks are REPEATS
* 12 REPEATS OPENS A CLEAR OR CLEAN  WINDOW (FOR EARTH) As she is cleansed in this period.
* 12 REPEATS THEN A PERIOD OF DARKNESS  (FOR HUMANITY). Humans that have no communion with the spiritual realms, do not know how to make themselves safe in this period of darkness.

The central pattern of wings and rays, is Nibiru. Who creates this period of darkness on its exit journey in a 12th passing.