Humanity has been veiled from a variety of truths, all to keep the human from self-empowerment and true freedom, which is tantamount to spiritual evolution and Ascension.
Implants, karmas and spells, keep the veils in place.
These prevent the individual from exploring what is behind the veil.
And what keeps the veil in place.


Through Ascension,  everything is now known that has to be known.
It is now up to the ascending initiate to seek the correct works, to get the correct information.

Yes there has been a very grave conspiracy on this planet by the reptilians. Making themselves the elite, the super wealthy, the titled.
Owning  the media, along with  everything else. Can control the information and have been doing so for a long time.
There are many sincere  persons on the planet at the moment, trying to do good works,  that think they are revealing conspiracy when in fact they unknowingly become part of the deal.  An  interfaced person can be very charismatic.    Can be giving these sincere persons some  information that sounds so revealing, are really just seducing them.  Sucking them in, to use them to circulate more lies and spin.
The speaker and the listener are both entirely unaware that are both being used.

There will be two factions working with persons seeking to reveal truth. 
The dark agendas wanting the veil to be kept in place- the  reptilians.
And those that want the truths to be revealed and the veils lifted - the Elementals.
Both will be finding someways to push information to the individual.

The reptilian will be pushing a spin 
The Elementals will be pushing a truth.

It will be through using a pendulum or muscle-testing that one can discern truth from fiction.
A false being interfering, or a light being trying to assist.

Spritual Ascension seekers are saught out, and interferred with by reptilians.
This is their strategy to sabotage Ascension.
They intervene in a persons thought processes, and will tell tell the victim they are their spiritual guides, spiritual masters, god, tao, whatever you want them to be or whatever you have wanted to commune with.
The reptilian spin is made into extraordinary information, the victim will be told they are 'now at a level to understand this', or made to think they are the only one to be be honored to be given such immense information.   The moment the initiate twigs it is false information the moment they tell the voice to get lost, their life becomes hell.
Not realising there are ways and means to remove this interference.
To reveal, remove and have full protection, one has to start ascending.
It is through Ascension one will have Right of Passage, or 'safe passage' something humanity has never had on this planet.

The Elementals give their information in small increments, that can easily be misconstrued, lost or misunderstood.
The Elementals are actually answering our questions to many things   the answers come in a variety of ways, generally symbolic, and mostly through the dream or a vision practise.   No spoken word, or channeling.
The more the initiate can correctly  interprete the messages through the use of  tools, the more information comes through, the quicker the initiate ascends.

Spin will be found in works already written, that appear to have elements of truth, but generally with one huge lie embedded.  Or the main crucial points just not explored, and other inconsequential work taking the readers attention from the fact there is something missing or  something not being explored or  followed through.   
An author can be manipulated  in someway, to make them think along a whole (incorrect) track of thinking.  To turn their head and mind away from seeking the real truth in something they were pursuing.
The reptilian may use distraction, as a means to turn the initiate away from any real truths.

There are many today, who have written books, articles and  even speaking to groups about conspiracy, are being manipulated.   
 The reptilians also have the ability to open doors and orchestrate, for these people to keep the spin in motion.
Those that intend to Ascend, must now discern for themselves through tools. 
Not to rely solely  upon anothers works to inform.


The 'reptilian agenda'  doesnt interest them in the slightest.  Have no concerns if there are reptilians around them or their family.  Turn a blind eye, or may even scorn another.  Some people feel such  fear at the word 'reptilian', or 'Nibiru', they will put up barriers, so they dont have to listen.
These people have implants.
Can be told of interference, can be told of their implants still no effect.
These people are veiled.
Implants to  veil all references to 'reptilian' and 'Nibiru' .
 With 'keeper' spells, devices, clamps and locks  over implants, keeping  them all in place.
Implants pushed into the brainstem, goggles over the eyes, beacons and transmitters on and around the head.
This is how people are manipulated to go manic and harm.

It is now time to move beyond conspiracy  'theories' and learn the truths for oneself.
There is immense work to be done,  not just for Earth and humanity, but for the Universe.
The reptilians and Nibiru are two of the most harmful factions in our Universe today.
We, as an ascending species, can assist the upper dimensional realms in the grave strategies involving these harmful factions... and raise the consciousness whilst we learn.
Every ascending initiate is required in someway to be of service in regards to the 2 reptilian species
The drakonian Melchizedek, and the Sirian hybrid.
There is a removal process for the reps,.
They are everywhere.  They are not just in someone elses country and backyard, they are in yours.
 The 2 rep species, their eggs and the egg layer,  their inseminated reptilian worm (in humans kundalhini channel), their offspring growing in household electrical appliances.  This becomes the initiates Service work.
There are karmas to clear and implants to remove.

There is the impending Nibiru to contend with.
There are strategies in place,  and humanity now needs to start paying attention to the realms that have the correct information on what we are to do about Nibiru.

We become effective when we have all the information at hand, and what is expected of us.
When we are being directed by those that know and see more than us, and learn how this direction becomes a continuing flow, called  'communing'.

These strategies are shared with every ascending initiate who has a daily communing practise.