or The Various Ways an Ascending Initiate can be pulled from the Path.

The ascending initiate is advised to only share their ascension with those who are interested or maybe ascending themselves.

If one shares this information with another who is not ascending, they may require proof – you will have no proof.  Especially if you sound excited or appear focused or calm.
Their questions can even sound like interest, but later one, they may engage you in a debate.  Or you, not having all the information at hand, can be tied in knots.  Or worse, have doubts about your path.

The moment you allow another to discredit or devalue what you are doing,  Something dire happens in your etheric body.. You lose records.

Kinesthetically this will come down to a cold or flu.  A psychic attack.

Many persons have a reptilian interface, this means they are 'spies'.  On the lookout for ascending initiates.  The ascending initiate is a dangerous person to the reptilians.
This person maybe quite seductive or benevolent towards you.
May even speak some kind of 'ascending language' or confides they are reading the latest 'ascension works'.
The next thing you know, you have a bevy of reptilians invading your home.  This is their plan, to pinpoint an ascending initiate, and then send an 'interference squad'.

It takes a few years of ascending, to be able to stand fast in your truth.  No doubts.  The right words just flow to whatever type of person you are talking to, without sounding glib or mouthing the truths or words of others.  Neither of you losing or accruing.
So in the meantime,  one must learn to use a type of  language, that can silence anothers  argumentative or demeaning stance.
“I am still working through a massive amount of  information”
“I still have a long way to go, before I can speak with some definition”
“Its like this – the little I do know, has made me realise I know nothing -  certainly not enough to debate Ascension”
And that is no lie. 
The consciousness has a hard time grasping multi-dimensional, multi-creational concepts – and so the initiate is taken VERY slowly, step by step.

The hardest situation is a non-ascending beloved.

Incoming information may press requirements upon you, that may compromise the relationship.
You are also required to change in many areas, these changes maynot sit well with the non-ascending other.
If you do not make these changes, your ascension will stall.

If it is seen by the non-physical guardians, that this person has the potential to understand and ascend, and if the person truly loves their partner.  Then strategies are in place for these persons.
If it is seen that the other partner does not have any potential to understand, or desire or interest cannot be generated, then the only strategy is one of separation.
Especially if this person has the capability to keep the ascending person in polarity.
e.g. Frustration, confusion, angsts, jealosies, competition, judgements etc.  These all keep rolling the ascending initiate back.

The non-ascending family situation, is another.
One can ascend in a non-ascending family situation, but only if the family has some of the virtues of an ascending family. 
Disresonant music, T.V., a constant flow of friends, telephone/mobile phone always in use, all take their toll.

You and your work must be honored and respected.

With non-ascending beloveds, or even non-ascending children.  The orchestrations go into play, for an amicable and loving separation.  It is all orchestrated by the non-physical in Divine Timing. 
No guilts or recriminations are experienced.

Just honor for each others different path.

And that is a beautiful thing