Frequently Asked Questions About Ascension


Can anyone ascend?

Yes even those who do not have the crystalline blueprint (Sirian Grandmaster).

If you can do the inner work, and you do not have this blueprint, with the help of the Elementals,  you will be loaned one for a short duration.


Can this ascension work be added to my busy life?

Yes At first it can.  But as you start your ascension, many things must change.  You will see for yourself what requires changing, as they will be the things that you know are 'stalling' your growth.


I am already a healer, reader, reiki master, therapist, counsellor.  Can I incorporate this work with Ascension work?

No.  Ascension work has no affiliations or connections to any of the previously  known healing arts.  Healing in Ascension is about clearing karma at the Original Cause level. Ascension is more about acquiring spiritual gifts/ & ablities, and using Ascension Tools to facilitate these ancient karmas.


I am a Buddhist, Christian, Methodist, Muslim, Catholic.  Can I incorporate my beliefs with Ascension.

No   Every religion and religious group has attachments to 'false gods'/ascended masters.  Every religion will have a dogma.  Dogma is non-evolutionary and non-ascension.

There is a vaste difference between 'spiritual' and 'religion'.


I am a crystal worker, will my crystals facilitate my ascension?

No Many crystal and stones, crystal people  work with are not ascending, and therefore do not have any information for the inititate.  The only thing that facilitates ascension, is clearing karma, and communing with the upper dimensional realms supporting Ascension.


Are my family ascending with me?

This is different for everyone.  Not everyone in your family group will be ascending this incarnation.  Those that are,  may not necessarily be ascending with you.  They may have their own ascending communities to create or join.


What happens if my child is not going to ascend?

They will have a normal childhood, and as they mature they will leave the home and forge their own future.  You had a relationship to heal karma.


My child is an Indigo/Pale Indigo/Golden Child.  What can I do to encourage their spiritual growth?

Start to ascend yourself.  It will be through your own Daily Communing Structure with the EarthMother,  Elementals and Nature Realms, that will have a plan for the spiritual development for  your child.

Do not, under any circumstances, send them to psychic/gifted children workshops.  Most of these organisations have unseen corruptions.


I have read one has to become a vegetarian is this true?

Yes    One has to embody Unconditional Honor, and there is no honor in killing and eating other species.  There is also no honor in the farming of such.  Farming animals is usery and  slavery.   The Plant and Herb realms are assisting and supporting humanities quest for Ascension.